Crazy Text Message Responses From An Ex Part 2

Because not all break-ups are mutual and ‘acceptable’ to both parties, some exes, rather than delete the number and move on, choose to send bitter, angry, or even sorry messages to their rightful ex-partners, just for the sake of either (1) telling them how much they loathe the person, or (2) pathetically making them feel they are not a loss, or (3) asking them to take them back (even after they cheated on them). Wrong move!

You can hate them, curse them, or beg them all you want, but no, don’t be surprised if you get a ‘slap on the face’ reply from your EX.

Photo Credit: Twitter | netaa_frostt
Photo Credit: Twitter | netaa_frostt


Still want to send them a text message? Go on! Text your ex, get ‘slapped in the face’, and then move on with your life. Because you are never getting back together.

Here are 15 who tried, and hilariously failed.
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