COVID-Positive Grandma Collapses, Grandson Performs Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation

His grandma had tested positive for COVID-19, but when she collapsed while waiting for medical care, this young man performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in hopes of saving her life!

It did not matter to him that she has COVID-19. What matters is that he might still be able to save her life – and it’s the most bittersweet thing we’ve seen today.

Photo credit: Life Truth / Facebook

In a post on Life Truth, pictures of the young man went viral as he tried to give his grandma mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at the hospital parking lot. The old lady had gone to the hospital, but the many safety protocols imposed by the hospital to help stop the spread of the virus meant that she had to wait in line for hours, just like many others.

Many are seeking medical attention and had to wait for a long time at the hospital grounds because the medical staff are too busy and had their hands full. Many hospitals are filled to capacity, with a lot already turning patients away for lack of available beds.

Photo credit: Life Truth / Facebook

According to Life Truth, the old woman was at the parking lot of the hospital, waiting for her turn to receive medical care. But she suddenly collapsed due to respiratory complications.

The old woman’s grandson was just watching from afar, not allowed to go closer due to protocols. But when he saw his grandma, he rushed to her side and gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation – even if he knows she has COVID-19!

At that moment, he did not care whether he would be infected as long as he tries his best to save his grandma. Other onlookers rushed to call the hospital staff. Three arrived some minutes later but they confirmed that she did not have vital signs.

Photo credit: Life Truth / Facebook

Love is stronger than the risk of infecting the disease,” Life Truth wrote.

It’s sad that the grandma went this way, but this young man proved that he truly loves her. We’re hoping he didn’t contract the virus, though. God bless you, young man…