COVID-19 Lockdown Clears Air, Reveals Stunning View of Himalayan Mountain Range from India

The COVID-19 lockdown imposed in India has affected a lot of people. Many were stuck inside their homes with nothing to eat because they were not able to stock on supplies before the lockdown as they had no money.

The India lockdown has alarmed a lot of people, particularly as the poorest members of society are struggling with food problems. Yet as the country of 1.3 billion people stopped its busy daily grind, something really good happened.

Photo credit: Lost Dynasty / Twitter

Visible from jalal pur jattan near gujrat… Have never seen it before,” wrote Lost Dynasty (@LostDynasty2).

It’s been a long time that India struggled with its suffocating pollution levels but as the COVID-19 lockdown kept the people in their houses, the air became clearer with each passing day. In fact, there was a sudden drop in pollutants that people were soon posting photos of clear blue skies, something they had not seen for years!

What nature really is and how we screwed it up. This is Dhauladhar mountain range of Himachal, visible after 30 yrs, from Jalandhar (Punjab) after pollution drops to its lowest level. This is approx. 200 km away straight. #Lockdown21 #MotherNature #Global healing,” wrote @Deewalia.

Photo credit: Anshul Chopra / Twitter

As landmarks became clearer, particularly in the big cities, another beautiful view surprised the people – the view of the Himalayan mountain range located some 200km away! For the first time since World War II, the mountains were visible again from many areas in India, old folks happily commented.

This part of the Himalayan mountain range is known as the Himachal’s Dhauladhar mountain. Senior citizens say that it was is almost after a generation that the mountains have become visible from the city.

Low pollution due to Coronavirus lockdown leads to Himalayas being visible from my sister’s terrace in Jalandhar, Punjab. Never before have they seen this view from home. Truly amazed!” netizen Saumya Sharma (user @saumyasharma711) tweeted after snapping some photos taken from Punjab.

Photo credit: @saumyasharma711 / Twitter

A lot of people climbed on their roofs to take better photos of the mountains. Everyone was scrambling to admire the view and get a picture, knowing that it won’t last too long. Once life returns to normal, it is likely that the smog would eventually cover the beautiful view again.

Photo credit: Jagran

For now, though, people are enjoying the view!