Couple with Same Dream about a Dog, Sees Ghost Boy Playing with Ghost Dog on CCTV

A couple who dreamed the same dream about a dog on the same night discovered something strange on their CCTV footage taken that night – the video appears to show a ghost boy playing with a ghost dog! Creepy or cool?

A digital consultant from Long Island, New York, shared the CCTV footage of the moment blobs of light appeared inside their living room, and appeared to ‘play’ with each other.

According to Joey Nolan, he had a vivid dream about getting his 19-month-old daughter a dog. When he work up, he told his wife about but was shocked to learn that she also had the exact same dream, featuring the same dog for their daughter!

Not sure what to make of it but suspecting that there are unseen entities living with them in the house, the couple decided to check the CCTV footage taken by cameras inside their house.

They were surprised to see what appears to be blobs of light playing with each other at around 12:54AM on the night they both dreamed about the same dog.

In the clip, a much larger blog of light that appears to be similar in shape to a young boy could be seen flitting across the screen. A smaller blob meets with the bigger blob, with both appearing to play for some time before simply disappearing.

The couple showed the video to their friends who said that the dog in the dream might be the spirit of the dog that previously lived in that house.

While considerably creeped out, the couple said they have learned to accept that they might be living with spirits in the house. They shared that there were times in the past when they thought they would someone or something pass nearby or hear strange noises.

But the two have no plans of moving out or get someone to drive the spirits out, yet.

We’re comfortable about being home alone. At first it was kind of sketchy, but we’ve attempted to open a line of communication, just in case it is a spirit. We have an ‘our house is your house’ kinda approach to the situation, as long as it stays pleasant, we’re not trying to involve the church,” Joey said.

He even half-joked about getting his daughter as ‘interpreter’ if the spirits try to communicate with her. LOL.

If we started experiencing anything unpleasant, it might be time for us to up and leave. If our 19-month-old daughter started communicating with it, we might use her as an interpreter for a bit, but if it got to the point of dangerous or inappropriate, we may have to seek some intervention or get the heck out of there,” he said.

From the feedback we’re getting, it’s just a child and their pet and they seem like pretty chill company, so no need to rush to conclusions and ask them to move out just yet.

Seeing that the cat doesn’t seemed concerned with the spirits at all, it seems that the family is safe in this house…

Watch the video here:

Source: LAD Bible