Couple Surprises with Jollibee Wedding, Ceremony Also Held at the Fast Food Outlet

It could not be denied that Jollibee is the most popular fast food chain in the Philippines, toppling over the world’s number one, McDonald’s, in the country. A lot of kids wish to have their birthdays at Jollibee because, well, they love Jollibee, their favorite food is ChickenJoy, and such parties are really so much fun.

But have you heard of a Jollibee wedding? Well, that sounds rather unbelievable, we know, but there’s actually a couple who held their wedding at Jollibee – and that’s actually from the wedding ceremony, down to the reception! Wow. Bida ang saya?

Photo credit: Janine Veronica Minas / Facebook

On her Facebook account, Janine Veronica Minas revealed that she and her husband, Marious Pabalinas, got married at Jollibee Ulo ng Apo in Olongapo City, Philippines. Just as they expected, no one really believed them at all when they told friends and family that they were getting married at Jollibee. We can’t fault their friends, of course. Who gets married at Jollibee, anyway?

Well, Janine and Marious actually did! Their family and friends only believed them when the invitations arrived. But we bet that everyone was scratching their heads in wonder whether this was a prank or not. LOL.

Photo credit: Janine Veronica Minas / Facebook

No one believed us when we said we will do our wedding at Jollibee. Kasi alam nila di kami matinong kausap kala nila nagjo-joke lang kami until we sent our invitations out and they saw the venue. Haha. Everyone kept asking “Bakit sa Jollibee?”, “Seryoso? Di nga?” Haha,” Janine shared on her Facebook account.

A lot of people wondered why these two chose a Jollibee wedding and what it was like to be in one. But it turned out so well that Janine only has praises for the team who helped them out.

Photo credit: Janine Veronica Minas / Facebook

We chose Jollibee because it’s practical, the food is great, and of course IT IS JOLLIBEE! Who doesn’t like Jollibee? Hahaha. It’s new for everyone! We did it there because it’s unique and different just like me and @mar.ious and our family and friends know that,” she explained.

But what we experience is beyond what we expected! Sobrang naenjoy namin ng asawa ko (hahaha ehem) ang wedding namin because of Jollibee Ulo Ng Apo and its staff’s cooperation. From the ceremony to the reception, their staff especially our host Ms. Camille Tabinga, who by the way is great, really did their best to make our wedding memorable. I really appreciate their cooperation and understanding towards our event. Thank you Jollibee ulo ng apo and staff for your help and for allowing us to do our wedding in your place. Truly, Jollibee is the place where #bidaangsaya @ Jollibee Ulo ng Apo

Photo credit: Janine Veronica Minas / Facebook

Edited: Not only the reception, we also did the wedding ceremony there. 😂

It’s definitely not for everyone but this fun-loving couple had a great time at their Jollibee wedding. Would you also consider doing one in the future?