Couple Shares Hilarious ‘Life Hack’ to Solve ‘No Back Ride’ Policy, Funny Video Goes Viral

In many places across the Philippines, the ‘no back ride’ policy is in place. Fines can be quite hefty! Even medical frontliners aren’t exempted from this law. Recently, hospital workers on their way home from their shift got a fine of Php5,000 for ‘back riding’, even after they showed their IDs.

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But a couple got creative with the ‘no back ride’ policy in a hilarious manner that got a lot of netizens laughing. In the video shared by Rodel Manalo, a guy could be seen driving a motorcycle – with no back ride. He had a mask and helmet on. He is surely going to pass through the checkpoint without any problems. Of course, we assume here that he’s got his driver’s license, too.

Photo credit: Rodel Manalo / Facebook

Upon close inspection, however, netizens had a good laugh as they noticed the man’s companion. The woman could be seen sitting inside an aluminum basin, wearing a helmet and calmly taking a ride. LOL. She’s definitely not a ‘back ride’, but we aren’t sure if the cops at the checkpoint would actually let them pass through.

The hilarious video has gone viral, gaining over 1.1 million views! Many netizens joked that it was a nice idea and that they would surely copy this. That’s one funny way to get past the checkpoint – that is if the police officers there will be just as amused as the netizens are with the video.

Photo credit: Rodel Manalo / Facebook

While this appears to be just a joke, some netizens are worried that some might actually try this. Though this looks quite funny, ‘riding’ in that basin can be dangerous on so many levels. Plus, that aluminum basin would quickly become hot and have holes after a few kilometers! Ouch.

But if you’re just looking for something funny to make you laugh amid these crazy times, check this out:

Bawal man ang mag backride sa motor, ingun anion nalang… okeey keyoo…

Posted by Rodel Manalo on Thursday, March 19, 2020