Couple Goes Viral for Collecting Backpacks, School Supplies for Kids as Wedding Gift

What are the best things to give as wedding gift?

There are lots of great ideas for people to buy as special gift for the newlyweds, but a couple in Tampa, Florida chose to ask for backpacks and school supplies for kids as wedding gift! Isn’t that wonderful?

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Newlyweds Matt and Kelli Cameron went viral for selflessly telling their guests they don’t want the regular wedding gifts for themselves. Instead, they asked for bags and school supplies for less fortunate kids!

Photo credit: Facebook / Hillsborough County Public Schools

Kelli teaches first graders at Roland Park K-8 Magnet School in Tampa, Florida.

Being a teacher, I put my heart and soul into the kids, and you try and give and give to them… How wonderful it was that we were able to do that, take something that was about us and help others,” Kelli said.

The kids who get the backpacks will be excited for that first day of school, and excited that they have that new backpack and new supplies, and are ready to start the school year.

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So, Kelli found a school to support. Since there were many less fortunate students in Booker T. Washington Elementary School, another school in Tampa, Florida, Matt and Kelli chose this as the recipient of their wedding gifts.

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Personalized wedding invitations were given to guests, inviting them to the wedding and asking them to bring backpacks, school supplies, or other things they wished to give the kid listed on their invitation. Additional information such as the child’s name, gender, grade level, and clothing size are also included in the specialized invitations.

Photo credit: Facebook / Hillsborough County Public Schools

On the day of the wedding, guests arrived at the Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club, bringing the backpacks and school supplies. The wedding venue was filled with colorful school materials – and Kelli was smiling from ear to ear! She knew that lots of kids would be happy with these wonderful gifts.

Photo credit: Facebook / Hillsborough County Public Schools

More than 70 backpacks filled with various clothes and school supplies were brought by the couple’s guests. They didn’t receive a wedding gift for themselves but Matt and Kelli beamed with pride and joy, knowing that many kids will be happy with these gifts! Isn’t that awesome?

Watch his heartwarming video:

📚 School supplies instead of a wedding registry?✏️Kelli Cameron and her new husband Matt asked wedding guests to bring backpacks full of school supplies for children instead of a wedding gift. The first grade teacher from Roland Park K8 donated 70 backpacks full of supplies and uniforms to students at BT Washington to get their year started off right. Congratulations Kelli, and thank you for your dedication and kindness. #weclimbtogether

Posted by Hillsborough County Public Schools on Thursday, July 25, 2019

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