Counselor Reveals Details of Matteo and Sarah’s Wedding, Relationship Struggles

By this time, everyone has already heard about the civil wedding of Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo, and the trouble that happened soon after when the bride’s mother arrived. But the couple’s relationship counselor recently revealed details of the wedding, making corrections to earlier reports and belying the bodyguard’s story.

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Letty Fuentes, the couple’s relationship counselor and friend, revealed that Sarah and Matteo’s wedding was actually a Christian wedding, not a civil wedding as was reported earlier. The two tied the knot last February 20, past 6:00 PM, at Victory Church – The Fort, Taguig. The Church’s senior pastor, Pastor Paolo Punzalan, officiated the ceremony.

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But the wedding was really so hush hush that Letty didn’t even know it was actually going to happen that day.

Akala ko mag-ka-counseling, dinner lang kami. You see, I was not dressed up. It’s always surprises. And this time it’s also a surprise not even the Guidicelli family knew about it. They only knew the day before. Para hindi na siguro mag-leak,” Letty shared.

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But after learning that the couple are finally going to do it, Letty and everyone else were ecstatic! They have long waited for this moment to arrive, especially because they had personally seen what the couple has been through all these years.

A Lot of Failed Marriage Plans

According to Letty, the couple had actually planned numerous times on getting married but each plan failed because the two had to keep postponing the ceremony due to the disapproval of Sarah’s parents.

For so many years, they wanted [to marry], kaso hindi nga puwede kasi hindi nga tatanggapin. But Matteo really pursued, may cut-off, tapos they will be back again. They were almost both in tears most of the time,” the relationship counselor shared.

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She added that there were actually a lot of times when the couple decided to “cool off”, to give each other space to regain perspective. But they would always get back together because the love they felt for each other remained constant despite the problems they were facing.

A lot of times, Sarah feels “so confused” about this tug of war between her boyfriend and her parents.

Meanwhile, because she knows that Sarah and Matteo go to Letty for counseling, Mommy Divine tried to persuade the relationship counselor to change Sarah’s mind.

Hindi raw niya tatanggapin. She was trying to sway me to advise her to stay off from him. I said, ‘I cannot do that. I will only say things, then decision will still be theirs,’” Letty recounted. Each time, Letty would also advise Divine to let the couple be happy.

The Happiest Wedding

Tita, we really decided on this,” Letty recalled the couple telling her, right before the wedding.

Sabi ko, ‘Kayo ha, nag-sikreto pa kayo.’ Gulat na gulat ako, but I’m happy, because everyone was so happy,” she added, referring to a number of their church mates and members of Guidicelli’s family.

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Letty said that Sarah was very happy throughout the “very sacred, very solemn, very happy, very intimate” ceremony. The two were even joking around as they exchanged their wedding vows; though Matteo also cried.

Akin ka na!” Sarah reportedly said.

Finally! She’s mine!” Matteo happily replied.

The mood was festive.

Parang nakawala. I have never seen her so confident that day. Iyong finale lang ang masakit,” Letty said. “Matteo really loves her so much. With all those things, he is a man with commitment. Nakaplano. Wala ka nang hahanapin.

Divine Trouble

They were all happy and celebrating when Mommy Divine ruined the moment for the couple.

I know gusto niyang sampalin si Matteo, e. She was ready for a fight. Sabi ng mama niya, ‘Traydor kayo!’ Sigaw-sigaw, ang lakas talaga. Meron pa yatang nagmura or something,” Letty recalled.

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In the ensuing scuffle, Letty even got some bruises because she and Sarah got pushed to the floor as she refused to let go of the young woman.

Ito ‘yung nahulog ako, kasama si Sarah. She was pushed, kasi [pinipigilan] niya ‘yung mama niya, e. Naghahabulan. I was holding onto her. Pag-push sa kaniya, ang layo. Gulong. Natumba siya. For a while, matagal siya… Kasi nanginginig,” Letty said, showing her bruises.

We can only imagine what Sarah was feeling right at that moment. Poor bride.

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