12 Coolest Toilets In The World. The Aquarium Lavatory Will Make Me Want To Stay In The Loo For Long

They may not be our favorite place in our house, but the toilet definitely should be comfortable and . Why not? It’s where we take a relaxing bath after a long stressful day at work. And for some reason, it’s the place where we want to lock ourselves in when we’re devastated and sad. I personally stay inside the toilet when I want to be left alone. (But even if it’s just inside a small cubicle, I make sure it’s clean.)

So what about these 10 awesome toilets | toilet bowls | urinals that are way too cool to be even thought of as a toilet? An aquarium-looking toilet? A toilet bowl encrusted with diamonds? Or made of gold?

Photo Credit: asia.nikkei.com

I can definitely stay inside this aquarium lavatory for hours.

I don’t know about you but I probably would stay long inside these loos and  enjoy the relaxing ‘scenes’ and funny ‘feels’ of these toilets and toilet bowls.

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