Conductor with Spiderman Moves in Overpacked Bus Goes Viral

ho crawled on the handrails with ‘Spiderman moves’ because the vehicle was so full packed with passengers that it was impossible to move from one end to the other.

The clever conductor found a way to solve the situation and still issue tickets to the passengers as well as collect their fare payments by using the handrails on top of the vehicle. It was a difficult move, of course, but this agile young conductor was able to pull off the trick, earning him praise from netizens.

Photo credit: Rene Rivera / Facebook

Ganito na pla uso ngayon condoctor ng bus habang naniningil dahil sa dami ng pasahero #spiderman,” Rene Rivera wrote as he shared photos of the impressive conductor.

The photos would quickly go viral, with several Facebook pages also picking up the post and sharing these with their own cleverly written captions.

Conductor – Man Far From Home,” wrote Bromeo TV, alluding to the movie, “Spiderman: From from Home”.

Many netizens expressed amazement that this conductor was able to do this, considering how difficult it was to crawl on those handrails while maintaining his balance in the moving bus. One wrong move and he could fall on the passengers below!

Photo credit: Rene Rivera / Facebook

Some even joked that the driver could brake hard and make this conductor fall from his perch. Ouch.

But many were concerned with the guy’s safety as well as that of the passengers. After all, he could hurt himself and/or the passengers if he falls from the handrails. Also, many pointed out that the overpacked bus could mean the vehicle is filled over capacity – and that poses added risks to everyone.

Many said the bus driver shouldn’t have accepted so many passengers!

Photo credit: Rene Rivera / Facebook

But many really praised him, knowing he is just doing his job to earn money for his family.

Real life spider man. Becoming a hero for the family,” a netizen wrote.

What do you think of this guy?

Sources: Rene Rivera / Facebook, Bromeo TV / Facebook