Concerned Netizen Wants to Get Help for a Stranded Foreigner

A person in need can come in different shapes and forms. Regardless of gender, race, or age, if one is in need our instinct would tell us to help as much as we can. One netizen decided to try her luck with getting a lot of help for one person via Facebook.

Facebook user Christine Ibañez shared a set of pictures of a foreigner that she bought food for because he had nothing to eat. She described the scene, wherein she said she had to argue with the guard of the convenience store where she bought the food, along with a few people who told her to not spend money for someone she doesn’t know. She said the man had no money and she is hoping that he’d be satisfied with what she bought for him at least.

She went on further to say that she failed to ask for the person’s name as she was only out possibly during her break from work and she needed to get back immediately. She at least was able to gather information that the man was from Finland. From what she heard through rumors, he was in a relationship with a Filipino who turned out to be gay and that same person left him and took all of his stuff.

Christine then asked for help from netizens to help share the pictures that she posted as she was unable to act on her own. She also mentioned that the man would be seen most often by the same convenience store which was near Makati Palace Hotel.

As of this writing, the post has gained more than 10,000 reactions and was shared more than 15,000 times. Through updates within the comments section, Christine said the man had a passport in his pocket, which she tried to get a name from. Almost everyone in the comments section were giving suggestions and leads so that the man would have the means of getting back to Finland.

You can read Christine’s post here:

Halong emosyon ang naramdaman ko nung nakipag talo pa ako sa security guard sa 7/11 at nakipag talakan sa mga tao na…

Posted by Christine Ibañez on Monday, April 1, 2019