Company Doctor Exposes A Med Cert Modus After an Employee Submits a Fake One

When a person becomes sick and is unable to work, most of the time they need to submit a medical certificate to show that they were able to go to a doctor and have them treated. In some cases, stubborn employees use this to be able to get away from working and not have a bad record. Unfortunately, as a company doctor found out, there are times when an employee is blatant with their lie and at the same time they exposed a certain modus of clinic employees.

Dr. Mamerto Sueña, Jr. shares his experience through a Facebook post. In the first picture, he has every detail of the medical certificate censored out but it can be seen that it was issued on May 6, 2019. Based on what was written, the diagnosis was “Mindgrain.” This alerted Dr. Sueña immediately and wanted to find out whether the certificate was tampered or is fake.

He then posted a screenshot of a chat session that he had with a representative of the clinic. He introduced himself as the company doctor and wanted to inquire about the employee’s supposed visit.

The clinic’s representative checked their records and said that the employee did not have a check-up with them but they verified that the certificate is indeed from them. Dr. Sueña then raised a follow-up question: Apparently, the person who submitted the medical certificate confessed and mentioned that an employee in the clinic was selling them for 200 Pesos and that they are being sold even if the person did not have a consultation.

The clinic opened their own investigation and confirmed that one of their employees was indeed selling their medical certificates. A formal report was already made and the agent that submitted the certificate is now subject to further disciplinary action.

Dr. Sueña made the post because he wants to show that medical certificates are verified in order to know if the employee has indeed seen a doctor. He also wants to have clinics and hospitals be aware that there may be someone within their office that is using their clinic’s name illegally just to make a quick cash.

You can read Dr. Sueña’s post here: