Chinese Woman Chooses ‘Taong Grasa’ Over Family, Video Goes Viral

They say that love is blind. But this saying was proven recently in a video of a Chinese woman who chose a ‘taong grasa’ over her family. The video has gone viral, with many netizens joking that they felt a bit envious of the ‘taong grasa’ because he has a love life while they can’t even find a boyfriend/girlfriend.

In the video shared by Facebook page, Kabiyak, there appears to be a commotion at the sidewalk as a Chinese family attempts to ‘rescue’ a woman from the streets. They were happy to find her at the sidewalk but were quite surprised that she won’t go with them.

Photo credit: Kabiyak / Facebook

Even as the two ladies tried to talk to the woman to make her go with them, she simply refuses to stand up and keeps pointing at the guy beside her, a dirty ‘taong grasa’. The two were barefoot.

They wouldn’t say a word but the woman keeps clinging to the guy like her life depended on it. The onlookers were laughing as they joked around that this ‘taong grasa’ has a love life yet they can’t find love.

While it is not clear what the two Chinese ladies were saying and no one could tell what really happened why this woman is living in the streets, it was clear that she has found haven in his ‘taong grasa’. Perhaps he protected her from others while she felt scared, making him feel like he is her knight in shining armor!

Photo credit: Kabiyak / Facebook

Whatever the reason might be, she feels safer with him than with her family – and refuses to go with them! Eventually, one of the ladies told the ‘taong grasa’ to get up and ride the patrol car. He did so without resistance. Immediately, the Chinese woman got up to follow him.

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Chinese national na in love sa taong grasa😁💘

Posted by Kabiyak on Thursday, May 14, 2020