Childhood Sweethearts Meet Again after 20 Years, Reunion Leads to the Altar

Everyone thought it was just puppy love for Edil John Lanticse and Melodie Garcia Lanticse who were childhood sweethearts. They thought that was the case, too, as they went their separate ways after Melodie’s family moved to another place.

Yet fate brought the two childhood sweethearts together. Who would have thought that this reunion would lead them to the altar?

Recently, Edil and Melodie, now both 32 years old, got married at their hometown in Cebu City. But their union last January 28, 2021 went viral as netizens were amazed by their beautiful love story.

Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

The two childhood sweethearts had a photo of Edil trying to kiss Melodie in the cheek. It was a cute photo that happened at a special event they both attended. But the pair were able to recreate this cute photograph as they got married. Isn’t that cute?

According to Melodie, they were childhood sweethearts who went to the same school as kids. Theirs was just cute puppy love at the time. They broke apart when their family moved to another place and they simply lost touch.

As years went by, they forgot about each other. It was not until 2017 that they reconnected after Melodie found Edil on Facebook. But they reconnected like old friends, with no spark between them at the time.

Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

As they continued chatting with each other, however, the childhood sweethearts discovered that they still loved each other. This time, however, it was not just puppy love. They figured out that they were soulmates who got together again after 20 years, thanks to fate.

It’s worth the wait 20 years of not seeing each other and we ended up in each other’s arms!” the happy bride wrote, sharing their photos.

They rekindled their relationship and this sweet reunion eventually led to the altar. Isn’t that sweet? Congratulations to the newlyweds!