Cellphone brand survives after reaching outer space, manages to take photos of the Earth

Wondering how to launch a smartphone into space?

According to Xiaomi Philippines, there are three ways to do it:

  1. Tie your phone to a balloon
  2. Launch your phone to space
  3. Pray
Image via Xiaomi Philippines | Facebook

Kidding aside, cellphone brand Xiaomi wanted to prove that their Redmi Note 7 is “out of this world good” so they decided to launch it into space not long ago.

The launch event was a success as Redmi Note 7 managed to resist the extremely low temperature and severe conditions of the outerspace; bringing home great images of the Earth with its 48MP camera.

Xiaomi UK team led the “space mission” of the Redmi Note 7.

Based on the company’s official website, they used a balloon similar to the principles of a weather balloon. It was specifically designed for their purpose and carry objects weighing kilograms into Near Space.

They have attached five units of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and let them do their job: one for video recording, one for photography, and the other three were completely shut off througout the trip.

The team used a third party intervalometer app to take shots every 10 seconds with the Xiaomi phone. It was also placed in a special temperature isolation device.

Image via Xiaomi Philippines | Facebook

Without any other protection, the phone managed to survive the lowest temperature of -53 degree Celsius and was able to take images of the Earth.

The flight took a total of two hours and three minutes with the highest altitude of 35,375 meters  from the Earth’s surface.

In a video shared by Xiaomi Philippines on their Facebook page, the phone is seen to be still functional even after its descent. It wasn’t that bad for a mid-range phone that costs less than P10,000.

Sources: Xiaomi, Tech Turf