16 Celebrity Look-a-likes Who Came Very Close To The Real Thing

Out of the billion people living on earth, there probably is someone out there, living in the present or existed in the past, who look like you.  No, not an identical twin, just an almost doppelganger-like clone of your facial features.  Chances are, they’re family members and it’s normal, right? But in some cases, people from different parts of the world and are certainly not and never in any way, blood-related, have very obvious resemblance.

Photo Credit: distractify.com
Photo Credit: distractify.com

Spiderman on the move.

It’s a bit exciting to see someone who looks ‘exactly’ like you — and it’s far more thrilling to know your look-alike is a celebrity. How’s that?

Here are 17 celebrities and their actual look-alikes. Can you spot who’s the real thing? (H/T: Distractify)

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