Cebu Graduate Tops Architecture Board Exams, Brother Posts Photos of Her Impressive Room

A young lady who graduated from a school in Cebu City topped the January 2019 Architecture licensure examinations (ALE) with a score of 83.80%, and her brother would share photos of her impressive room that inspired a lot of netizens…

Photo credit: Delta Dyrecka Letigio / Cebu Daily News

Justine Lei Ramos bested 1,120 passers in the exams held last January 25 and 27, ranking first. But the graduate of Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U) in Cebu City would soon go viral for her impressive room, with all the walls covered in notes! Wow.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sean Ramos

Her brother, Sean Ramos, shared photos of the room as he proudly announced his sister’s achievement on his Facebook account.

All the hardwork and sleepless nights had paid off! This is my sister’s room. Top 1 in 2019 Architecture Licensure Examination 😁😁 Lei Ramos,” Sean shared on his Facebook account, posting several photos of Justine’s notes-filled room.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sean Ramos

Everyone was impressed with Justine’s room, especially because it was obvious that she had written most of the notes by hand! Many said they would copy her strategy as they also prepare for their own board exams.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sean Ramos

Architecture Not Her First Choice

The young woman shared that Architecture was not actually her first choice in school. She started out her college days as a MedTech student, but she did not like the course. The course did not offer the challenges she wanted.

When she shifted to Architecture, she felt that she had found her calling.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sean Ramos

When I started taking up architecture, I realized this is where I was meant to be,” Justine shared.

She found challenge and purpose in the course, especially because she wanted to design and build a dream house for her family in the future.

As she graduated from college, however, Justine had to face new challenges. First, there was the licensure exams. Second, her dad had been retrenched from his job. Her overseas Filipino worker (OFW) dad was home for good – and she wanted to make him happy after the sacrifices he made for the family.

Photo credit: Facebook / Sean Ramos

So, Justine aimed to really pass the board exams. As a way of motivating Justine to study hard, her dad encouraged her to aim for the Top 10. He joked that if she aims for the Top 10, then she would surely still pass the exams even if she ‘failed’ that goal.

Now that she passed the exams with flying colors, her alma mater is set to give her a still undisclosed amount of money as reward in bringing honor to Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U).

Photo credit: Facebook / Sean Ramos

The school has also offered Justine a teaching position.

Sources: Cebu Daily News, Facebook / Sean Ramos