Caught at Checkpoint, Hardworking GrabFood Rider Receives $100 (Php5k) from Cop

Caught at a checkpoint, a hardworking GrabFood rider was surprised when he received $100 (Php5,000) from the policeman instead of getting a ticket! Isn’t that wonderful?

As GrabFood rider, Joshua Basa was on his way to Sta. Mesa to pick up an order for delivery when he passed by the busy checkpoint along España Boulevard. He was on the lane for motorcycles when he saw someone move to another lane, the frontliners lane. So, he followed. But this earned him the ire of the policeman assigned at that lane.

Photo credit: Joshua Basa / Facebook

SIR: Nakita mo nang may harang sumingit kapa din?

Ako: Sorry sir ang akala kopo kasi pede magpainspect sa side nato.

SIR: Akin na lisensya mo para matuto ka, matitigas talaga ulo nyo ah!

Scared, Joshua explained that he didn’t mean to do it but the policeman was furious. The young man received a lengthy sermon. Joshua remained humble, repeatedly saying sorry. He explained that he’s a student who needs to work to support himself.

Photo credit: Joshua Basa / Facebook

Since he didn’t have a student ID, he showed his OJT ID at the airport, but the policeman was still angry at him. He was told that he had money to buy a motorcycle but can’t pay for the fines to get his license back. The young man explained that he needed the motorcycle to commute from his home in Tondo to his job at Shakey’s and school in Pasay.

Shaken by the interrogation after a rather stressful day, Joshua couldn’t stop tears from falling down his face. The policeman got something from his wallet, but it wasn’t a ticket. Instead, he gave a $100 bill to the young man who didn’t even notice how much money he received. Joshua was too relieved not to get a ticket that he quickly thanked the policeman and sped off.

He was still crying as he picked up the order and delivered it to the customer. It was only much later that he noticed the money the policeman had given him. He was surprised that it was $100 because that’s a big amount of money for someone to share, particularly a policeman to give to someone he caught at the checkpoint.

Photo credit: Joshua Basa / Facebook

Joshua shared the story on Facebook to thank the policeman whose name he wasn’t able to ask because he was too relieved that he didn’t get a ticket. The policeman was later identified as PCPL SirJon Tibay Nacino.

Photo credit: Joshua Basa / Facebook

The young man returned to the checkpoint a day later, bringing food as thanks to the policeman but the latter refused to accept the gift, telling the hardworking GrabFood rider that he should just give that to his family. He gave him the money without asking for anything in return – and only asked that Joshua work harder in school.

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PANOORIN: Pulis, nagbigay ng 100 U.S. dollars sa nasita nito sa checkpoint

NAKAKA-TOUCH T.T Imbes na ticket, 100 U.S. dollars ang ibinigay ng isang pulis sa nasita niyang working student sa isang checkpoint sa Maynila. Laking pasasalamat ng estudyante hindi lang sa tulong na inabot ng pulis, kundi sa binigay din nitong inspirasyon.Sumama sa patuloy nating pagpa-Patrol, 6PM, sa,,, Teleradyo, at ANC

Posted by TV Patrol on Wednesday, May 20, 2020