Catriona Gray’s Impressive Interviews on American TV Shows Wow Hosts, Netizens

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has left the Philippines for a year-long stay at a luxurious apartment in Manhattan, the best base for her to fulfill the duties and responsibilities that came with the title.

But though she’s only been in New York for less than a week, she’s already gone through a whirlwind of activities. She has gotten herself acquainted with her new home which she shares with the reigning Miss USA.

Photo credit: LIVEKellyandRyan / YouTube

She has also watched Broadway shows, tried new food, and also enjoyed the winter even if she jokingly said that she looked like a siopao when she goes out, since she has to wear at least three layers of clothing to keep herself warm! Whew!

But she has also been busy with various media events, including interviews with a number of TV shows, including “Good Morning America” on abc.

Netizens enjoyed her guesting on the show but they loved the one she had with “Live Kelly and Ryan”, hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

And while Catriona admitted that she’s still trying to adjust in the cold winter in New York, Kelly’s a bit jealous that the beauty queen comes from a country where it’s “summer all year long”! LOL.

Of course, Filipinos would point out that it isn’t summer all year long in the Philippines, but for someone who has to go through winter every single year, the climate in the Philippines definitely sounds like summer throughout the year even if it’s raining.

Aside from talking about her love for the Philippines, she shared about her advocacy which touched the audience and wowed the hosts.

Ryan was greatly impressed by Catriona’s passionate speech about her advocacy, leading him to praise her parents.

Here’s an example of good parenting. I’m just thinking, ‘Wow! Your parents must be remarkable!’

Indeed, Catriona’s parents must have surely been remarkable parents to have raised such a wonderful young lady, inside and out!