Cat Brings Home Php1k ‘Ayuda’ to Surprise Its Owner

Cats have different dispositions and traits compared with dogs. A lot of people would say that they prefer dogs over cats, yet one pet owner recently shared a story that’s surely going to make you wish you had a cat, too. LOL.

In a hilarious post on Facebook group “CATS & KITTENS Philippines”, netizen April Jean shared photos of her cat bringing a Php1k bill into their home.

The cat, whose name is Kenzie, had apparently gone out of the house and found this somewhere. We’re hoping, of course, that he just found it lying someplace or there might be trouble if the cat had actually taken it from someone’s home. Uh-oh…

Photo credit: CATS & KITTENS Philippines / April Jean – Facebook

April Jean half joked about accusing the cat of taking the money from their neighbors; though if that is true, the cat could not be judged as guilty because it had most likely taken the money out of curiosity. Do you agree?

In the post, April Jean claimed that the cat just arrived home with the money in its mouth but they have no idea where it had come from or where it had found/taken the money. The family found this hilarious, of course, but they also felt worried that the cat had taken the money from their neighbor. However, when they asked the neighbors near their home, no one said they lost their money.

It is highly likely that the cat had gone far from the house and found that money some place but netizens are saying that the family should not worry too much about returning it. After all, the cat had been clever enough to bring the money home – perhaps it is ‘ayuda’ from somewhere? LOL.

Photo credit: CATS & KITTENS Philippines / April Jean – Facebook

If your cat brought home some money or food, will you return it?

A lot of netizens debated over the matter but many are now jokingly asking whether April Jean would like to let them borrow her cat for a while… LOL