“Captain Ri o Ako?” Husband Jokingly Asked after Catching Wife Smiling Sweetly

A ‘frustrated’ husband jokingly asks his wife to choose between him and ‘Captain Ri’, the lead character in the South Korean series, Crash Landing on You (CLOY).

The series is one of the most popular ever produced by South Korea. It was popular not just in their country but all across Asia, including other parts of the world as well. Though not the first in the Korean wave, the series truly had a phenomenal success.

Many of those who already watched the series did not hesitate to watch it again as they were just so amused with the story and its characters. Despite being socially awkward as a North Korean soldier, Captain Ri’s sweet gestures towards South Korean businesswoman Se-ri really appealed to everyone’s romantic hearts.

A lot of ladies also fell in love with Captain Ri’s gorgeous looks, but didn’t mind ‘sharing’ him with Se-Ri. Thus, many repeatedly watched the series – some for more than 5 times! Whoa.

UST Professor Joselito Delos Reyes’ wife, Angela, is also a teacher. To divert herself from the stress she experiences in her job, she watches her favorite dramas. CLOY happens to be one of her top favorites these days – and she’s already watched the series 5 times!

Photo credit: Professor Joselito Delos Reyes

Despite having seen the series for so many times already, Ma’am Angela still enjoys every single episode. She probably memorized many of the lines in the series, but that didn’t stop her from feeling ‘kilig’ every time she sees Captain Ri on screen.

One day, Prof. Joselito catches her smiling at Captain Ri, again! He decided to snap a photo as evidence. LOL. Then, he posted it on Facebook, jokingly asking his wife to choose between him and Captain Ri.

We know the answer, of course. His wife would choose Captain Ri! LOL.

Diversion niya yun kaya oks na oks lang. Teacher kami pareho, kaya pambawas sa stress ng pagtuturo,” the professor explained.

But he also joked that though he understands and supports his wife, he just can’t accept the fact that she smiles so sweetly at Captain Ri.

Mas matamis siyang ngumiti kay Captain Ri kaysa sa akin,” he jokingly lamented.

A lot of guys can relate, Prof. Don’t worry. LOL.