Call Center Agent Earns Praise after Buying a House, Even if He’s Just 22 Years Old

A call center agent recently went viral, earning praise after buying a house even if he’s just 22 years old. Considering that most people his age splurge on gadgets, food, and vacations, it is not surprising that his post would go viral!

On Facebook group BPO Secret Files Community, a call center agent named Sam Blanca shared his experiences as BPO worker and how he was able to buy a house even if he’s still 22 years old – thanks to the money he earned in this industry.

Photo credit: Sam Blanca / Facebook

It is a sad reality that a lot of people look down on call center agents, saying that these workers are wasting their talent and education by doing such jobs. But Sam wants people to change their mindset over BPO workers while also encouraging call center agents like him to be proud of their job.

Katas ng BPO. Wag mong ikahiya na sa call center ka nagtatrabaho. Just wanna share my experiences kung ano ang naipundar ‘ko for 4 years working in this industry. Mabuhay mga bayaning puyat! 👆,” Sam wrote in his now-viral Facebook post. “Kung nagawa ‘ko, magagawa nyo rin!

Photo credit: Sam Blanca / Facebook

Sharing photos of the house he bought while he was still 22 years old, Sam thanked the BPO companies that made this possible through the years he worked in this industry.

A lot of people were also impressed to learn that Sam had been working as call center agent even while he was still in college. He did it to support himself; though he had to quit in his senior year to focus on his studies after working for 9 months at Trec Pacific Corp.

Photo credit: Sam Blanca / Facebook

He shared that it was in 24/7 Intouch, his second company, where he experienced his first promotion. Working there, he was able to learn a lot. He said that the company helped him grow in his career. He stayed there for 2 years and 6 months before moving on to another company.

Though he only stayed 1 month at his next job and 9 months in his fourth company, he found the perfect job at Omega Healthcare where he was hired externally as Quality Analyst. Since Omega means “end”, he hopes that this will be the last BPO company he will be working for.

Photo credit: Sam Blanca / Facebook

He shares photos of the house he got while he was still 22 years old. He is now 25 years old but having this house makes him proud and happy that he is ready to live independently.