Bus Passenger in Lucena Shows COVID-19 Symptoms, Boss Allegedly Tested Positive

A bus passenger from Manila to Lucena showed COVID-19 symptoms and was met by health personnel wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when the bus arrived. According to initial reports, his boss allegedly tested positive of COVID-19 and he is now considered a PUI. The others in the bus are all PUMs, no thanks to his irresponsible actions.

Photo credit: Peewee C. Bacuño / Facebook

The mass exodus of people going home to the provinces just before the March 15 lockdown in Metro Manila worried a lot of netizens who are wondering whether some of these passengers might actually be carriers of COVID-19. If so, they could cause more problems in their hometowns as they bring it to a new place!

Photo credit: Peewee C. Bacuño / Facebook

It’s not unlikely, of course. The exact same thing happened in Wuhan, China, the ground zero of COVID-19. Millions of people traveled out of the city just before the lockdown, leading to the now global pandemic.

As thousands of people rushed home to avoid the lockdown in Metro Manila, a 44-year-old male passenger boarded a Jam Liner bus, headed for his hometown in Lucena City. According to local health authorities, this passenger already had fever and was coughing during the trip.

While the bus was on the way, he called a sibling to fetch him at the bus station as he

Photo credit: Peewee C. Bacuño / Facebook

was already feeling sick. Thankfully, his sibling reported the matter to city health officials who immediately planned what they would do as soon as the bus arrives.

Instead of his sibling, the bus passenger was met by health personnel in PPE as well as the police and other uniformed personnel. He was classified as a PUI and taken to a medical facility for quarantine.

Photo credit: Peewee C. Bacuño / Facebook

Meanwhile, all his co-passengers were classified as PUMs and were required to submit their names, addresses, and contact numbers for easy monitoring. According to reports, some of the passengers were headed for Marinduque and Bondoc Peninsula. They were told to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine once they arrive at their destinations.

According to GMA News, authorities are now verifying information that the bus passenger works for someone in Makati City who turned positive for COVID-19. If that is so, he could face sanctions for traveling despite knowing that he is a possible carrier of the condition.

GMA NEWS: Isang pasahero ng bus na byaheng Lucena City at Marinduque na nagmula sa Taft Avenue sa Maynila ang kinakitaan ng mga sintomas ng COVID-19.

Posted by Peewee C. Bacuño on Saturday, March 14, 2020

Sources: GMA NewsPeewee C. Bacuño / Facebook