Bus Driver Praised for Stopping to Help Crying Kid, Fixing Bike Even If He Had Passengers

Would you stop to help a crying kid in the streets if there was no one else around? A bus driver was praised for doing so, especially because he actually had passengers on his bus, yet he chose to stop and help the kid in need!

In a post on Reddit, user Riot284 shares a photo of a bus driver who could be seen fixing a small kid’s bike by the sidewalk. It was just a random act of kindness and but the fact that he did it for this kid has amazed a lot of people.

Upon learning that the bus was carrying passengers when it stopped because the driver helped the kid, a lot of people got angry and blamed the driver for inconveniencing these passengers. After all, many of them might have been in a hurry to reach their respective destinations.

Photo credit: Riot284 / Reddit

Yet many netizens also sided with the driver, angrily pointing out that so many people complain about so many things these days – even over something that actually warms the heart!

But Riot284 also offered a sensible explanation, saying that the driver wouldn’t have done that if the kid had any companion.

The bus was about to make a right turn when the kid was crossing the street on his bike slowly, visibly crying with no parents nearby. As the driver was turning he asked out the window if he was okay, so he got out of the bus to make sure he wasn’t hurt or something bad had happened,” the photo uploader wrote.

All it turned out to be was the chain on the bike appeared to have fallen off, so he hooked it back on for him and got back on the bus.

Seeing that the kid was crying and there were no adults nearby to help, the bus driver decided to do it. According to Riot284, it did not really take the bus driver long to fix the bike. Just about 30 seconds later, he was able to put the chain back and watched proudly as the boy happily cycled away.

Do you think it was right for him to stop and help the kid, even if he had passengers on the bus?