Burger Seller Opens Stall Just Outside Huge McDonald’s Outlet

While everyone else tries to sell something as far away as the big, multi-national companies and brands as possible, a burger seller in Malaysia recently went viral after opening a stall just outside a huge McDonald’s outlet! Whoa.

The daring vendor was spotted selling burgers just across the street from a huge McDonald’s outlet built at an intersection in Kepong, Malaysia. His small stall is just about as large as one dining table at the McDonald’s outlet, but this did not deter this guy from opening his shop there, anyway.

He surely knows that McDonald’s is one of the world’s richest, most popular fast food chains and that the store sells burgers, too. But this daring guy did not think of all that – perhaps he’s a fan of “Who Dares, Wins!”

After spotting this brave burger seller, netizen Sufri (@craz33sufri) snapped a photo and shared it on Twitter with the caption, “A rather daring attempt…

Photo credit: Sufri (@craz33sufri) / Twitter

The tweet quickly went viral, gaining over 35k reactions and close to 18k retweets as of press time. Just as Sufri was impressed by this daring seller, many netizens also applauded him for being brave.

Others claimed that this guy certainly knew his burgers were more delicious than the ones being sold by McDonald’s that’s why he really dared to sell them just outside the multi-national company’s local outlet!

Of course, he should be daring! Burger Malaysia is more delicious!” one netizen commented.

Another claimed that there’s another such outlet called the Daily Burger near Gombak. It is also located outside a McDonald’s outlet. Despite the location, the lines are still quite long during lunch time! Wow. These sellers are truly brave, huh?

Quite amazingly, McDonald’s Malaysia sent a shoutout to this seller, calling him, “Impressive!”

So, would you dare open a burger stand outside a McDonald’s outlet near you?