Brother Surprises Sister with a “Gold Bar”, But It Took Her 2 Days to Find It

Brothers can be so annoying; we all know that. LOL. But brothers can also be so sweet; though they show their sweetness and love in ways that many of us don’t expect. In other words, a lot of brothers are pranksters.

Take for example this Malaysian brother who surprised his sister with a “gold bar”, but it’s not the gold bar that comes to mind when you think of this valuable metal. Instead, it is a small pendant that’s shaped like a gold bar! LOL.

Still, the prank is really a sweet gift but it took his sister 2 days before she found the necklace with the “gold bar” pendant that her brother left in her room.

Photo credit: Jennifer Ling / Facebook

Jennifer Ling expressed surprise that her brother, Kia Jackson, would actually buy her a gift, considering that he rarely ever gives her anything in the past. In fact, according to Jennifer, the necklace is the just the third gift that she’s ever received from him. But it’s better late than never, huh?

The young lady narrated that she had always wished she could get her hands on the precious “gold bar” pendants that are so popular these days. Upon learning that her brother was going to the gold store to check out some stuff to buy, Jennifer asked him to check the price of the “gold bar” necklace she wanted. Yet her brother kept ignoring her messages.

Thinking that her brother is no help at all, Jennifer decided to simply check for the price of the item online. She posted a photo on their family group chat, yet her brother never commented about it.

What she didn’t know is that while her brother pretended to ignore her messages, he had actually gotten her the necklace she wanted! He just didn’t want to spoil the surprise. He simply put the box inside her room, thinking she would quickly find it.

Photo credit: Jennifer Ling / Facebook

Because she didn’t think he’d buy it, Jennifer did not expect to find it in her bedroom. In fact, it took her 2 days to finally spot the surprise gift! LOL

He actually put the “little gold bar” on my bed already. It’s just that I was “blind” and I couldn’t see it at all!” she later shared on her Facebook account.

So, how did her brother react?

What were you doing in the room for so long??? (How could she not see it???)” he replied.

It is really surprising as this is the third time I’ve ever received a gift from my brother since I was born,” Jennifer revealed.

That’s a good prank, huh?