Bride Blasts Make-up Artist Who Refused to Style Bridesmaid’s Hair Crawling with Lice

One bride took to the internet to complain about the make-up artist who refused to style her 10-year-old bridesmaid’s hair because it was crawling with lice, but the internet fires back and calls her selfish.

The distraught bride blames the make-up artist for the delay that led to her missing out on many good things at her wedding.

She claimed that the make-up artist arrived late; thus, it was decided that the 10-year-old bridesmaid will be styled last as she would require the least amount of time for styling and make-up – or so they thought…

All the other ladies were ready for the wedding when it was the girl’s turn to be styled. The wedding was about to start when the stylist began styling the young girl’s hair, but the bride was confident it would just take a few minutes.

When the make-up artist saw that the girl’s head was crawling with lice, however, she refused to touch it again! Despite the bride’s insistence, the woman refused and told the bride it was against her policy to style the hair of someone with head lice.

The MUA [make-up artist] was styling her hair when she noticed BM [bridesmaid] has head lice. She informed me that her policy is not to touch the client any further. She believes lice can jump from the child’s head. This is not correct, they can’t jump,” the bride angrily shared.

We understood she couldn’t have used her brushes etc but we felt that she could have done a simple plait style by hand. She would not touch the child to finish or change the hairstyle.

Netizens suggested that if the family knew that the child had head lice and were alright with that, then they should have stepped in and styled the girl’s hair when the make-up artist refused. But the bride claimed that was not possible.

As this occurred just before the ceremony there was no way for us to send for help from friends or family. As a result, I missed what should have been a nice moment of my dad coming to meet me,” she complained.

Our ceremony started late and the BM [bridesmaid] was in tears, she was so upset by it all. It was quite stressful.”

Clearly, the bride was upset over the situation, but netizens still took the make-up artist’s side in the issue.

Yuck. I wouldn’t be able to touch her hair at all. Lice freak me out,” another netizen declared.

Many believe the woman was right in refusing to style the girl’s hair. After all, the rest of the wedding party won’t be happy if they got head lice from the girl.

Also if the stylist kept doing the child’s hair and spread it around to the rest of the party, they would have been posting about that too,” one netizen wrote.

The MUA was fully in her right to refuse, the kid has lice it’s a risk for everyone who comes into contact with her,” another netizen commented.

A lot of netizens also called the bride selfish for insisting that the make-up artist should style the girl against her wishes!

Source: The Sun