Boyfriend Buys Everything on GF’s Online Shopping Cart for Grand Surprise

One boyfriend earns praise from social media after buying everything on his girlfriend’s online shopping cart for a grand surprise! His post went viral, with a lot of girls also tagging their partners in hopes that they would also do the same thing… Are you guys taking the hint?

They’ve been together for 8 years, but Andrew YQ still wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Tan Chia Yen, with something that she would not expect to get. So, he decided to copy everything she had on her Taobao online shopping cart – and buy everything for her! Wow.

Photo credit: Andrew YQ / Facebook

We’ve been together for 8 years so there’s not really a lot of surprises I can do. The most straightforward one would be checking out her online shopping cart,” explained Malaysian guy Andrew.

He ordered the items in May but had to wait more than a month before receiving the message that his big order is ready for delivery. On June 15, the order finally arrived. Andrew was so excited to tell Chia about his big surprise – and she nearly ran all the way down to the lobby of their condo to receive the items.

Photo credit: Andrew YQ / Facebook

She’s smiling from ear to ear, clearly so happy with the big surprise that Andrew gave her. Considering that she had been eyeing those items and adding them up to her cart for several months, it is clear that she loved to have them all but just didn’t have the money to buy everything.

It’s a good thing Andrew was feeling so generous and thought about buying everything from her online shopping cart.

Photo credit: Andrew YQ / Facebook

This is the time when she’s the strongest: Loading the Taobao parcels on the trolley,” Andrew joked as he shared Chia’s photos.

She’s one lucky girl, huh? Here’s the video:

Posted by Andrew YQ on Sunday, June 14, 2020