Boy Offers to Help Struggling Old Man at Grocery Store, Refuses to Accept Tip

A young boy recently went viral after he offered to help a struggling old man at the grocery store, then refusing to accept the tip because he just felt happy to help! Isn’t that wonderful?

Rylee Long and her nephew Lakken were at Walmart when the young boy noticed the old man struggling to do his groceries. Bent over, the old man was having a hard time picking the stuff he needed off the shelves.

Aunt Ry can I please help him?” Lakken asked his aunt.

Seeing that her nephew is really willing to help the old man, Rylee happily let him do it. The young boy rushed to the old man’s side, offering to help. Surprised, the old man thanked him and told the two that this is the first time that somebody has offered to help him in so many years!

Photo credit: Rylee Long / Facebook

Rylee felt so proud of her nephew that she snapped some photos to share his story on her social media page. As expected, the story went viral as so many people were impressed that this young boy would go out of his way to help an old man they didn’t even know.

After the old man was done picking everything he needed, Lakken also helped him at the counter and requested the staff to get him to the bus stop since he had to help his aunt with her shopping list now. What a sweet young boy.

When the old man tried to give him a tip, he refused and told the old man that he appreciated the offer, he did not really do it for the money and was just happy to help! Wow. Kudos, Lakken!