Boy Lost in Freezing Forest for 2 Days, Miraculously Saved by a Bear

Everyone feared the worst might happen to a 3-year-old boy who was lost in a freezing forest for 2 days, but he survived the ordeal after being miraculously saved by a bear!

Casey Hathaway, 3, was just playing with his sister and cousins at their great grandmother’s house in North Carolina when he wandered into the forest and got lost. In the dense forest where the trees seem nearly identical, the boy found it difficult to find his way back to his great grandmother’s house.

Photo credit: The Sun UK

A search party would be quickly organized to find the boy, with volunteers racing against time to save the kid as the temperatures dropped below freezing point. Everyone was also concerned that the kid might wander deeper into the forest or that he might encounter a bear.

Considering that North Carolina has a large black bear population, the last was not so far-fetched – and everyone was scared that something could happen to the kid if he encountered a bear.

But things seemed to be the opposite because the kid claimed that a bear had saved his life, cuddling him and providing him warmth throughout the rains and the sub-zero temperatures in the freezing forest.

Casey was missing for more than 2 days. In those days, it rained hard and the temperatures dropped, hampering the search which involved hundreds of volunteers from the US marines, coast guard, and civilians.

The search had to be called off for a couple of hours as the heavy rains and strong winds put them all in greater danger.

Photo credit: Craven County Sheriff’s Office / The Sun UK

As the hours ticked, people were losing hope that the boy would survive, but a woman walking her dog later that day found the kid underneath some bushes. He was conscious but crying his heart out, feeling scared and hungry.

Everyone was surprised that the boy had nothing but some cuts and scrapes from the ordeal – and he had the most incredible story to tell. After wandering into the forest, he felt scared and cold as night fell, but a ‘friendly’ bear came and took care of him.

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He told us that his best friend the bear was with him to help keep him safe. Thanks to God’s mercy he came home to us alive and well,” the family later shared to the media.

Many were unsure about his version of the bear story, but a lot of people believed the kid.

Photo credit: The Sun UK

Considering that he was only wearing a coat and tracksuits in the freezing temperature where it rained for days, plus the fact that he was found under the bushes with not much shelter, many believed there really had been a bear that provided him shelter and warmth throughout his ordeal.

Sources: The Sun UK, Yahoo! News