Boss Treats Workers Like Family, Gives Out Two Houses a Year to Help Poor Employees

One boss recently went viral after news outlets learned that he gives out two houses per year to help his poor workers. He also gives jobs to his workers’ families! Best boss of all time?

We’re definitely voting for Zhongming Yu, Chairman and owner of Anyu Industry Co Ltd in Guangdong, China, as Best Boss of All Time! This wonderful boss understands the plight of his workers. So, he makes sure to provide jobs to their family members so that they can improve their lives faster.

He also invites workers’ parents to enjoy gardening at his farm, if they want to, and provides care options for both the elderly and young members of his workers’ family. But what truly earned him everyone’s admiration is that he gives out free homes to the poorest ones!

Photo credit: Sin Chew

Zhongming explained that he wanted his workers to have a better life because he treats them like family. So, he provides them with everything they need – and that surely makes them work better, huh?

The plan is to provide assistance for some employees in the company who have difficulties within their families, such as caring for children and elderly people at home. The company will give you a house, arrange with the government for your children to go to school. Your wife can work in the company. If the elderly enjoy gardening, they can go to our company’s farm, to plant fruit trees, raise poultry,” Zhongming shared. “I just want my employees to have a family. Who wants to drift and drift away (from their families), right?

Photo credit: Sin Chew

Though it was only recently that they went viral, it turned out that the company has been doing this since 2015! Every year since then, two employees from the company received a free house. Zhongming either buys a house and later transfers the property to his employees’ name or simply gives them a lumpsum to buy the house they wanted. Impressive, huh?

Next question: where can we send our application? LOL.