Boracay? That’s Manila Bay! Turquoise Blue Waters Amid Lockdown Wow Netizens

The blackish, silted waters of Manila Bay look so dirty that it is quite surprising to see that there are sometimes people who actually swim in the mucky waters. But after the enhanced community quarantine was declared all over Metro Manila, including Luzon, someone photographed the bay with turquoise blue waters! Unbelievable!

Instead of the dirty, mucky blackish waters that we have come to expect of the Manila Bay from decades of pollution, the place now looks so beautiful in some parts that the gorgeous blue waters reminded some netizens of Boracay.

In a photo shared by John Angue, the waters of the bay look so blue that one might think he simply edited the picture to make the place look like Boracay. But Angue was simply posting something he had also been surprised to see.

Photo credit: John Angue / Facebook

Parang ang linis ng Manila Bay ngayon ano? Boracay level!” Angue wrote on his Facebook account.

The picture surprised to many people as well that it would soon have over 16k reactions and more than 24k shares. Everyone just loved the picture of this beautiful Manila Bay.

Some questioned the authenticity of the picture, but Angue clarified that it really is for real.

Legit yan haha! Nakakagulat yung linis ano?” he replied when someone asked whether the photo was authentic. He also added that he did not use any filter on the photo.

He would later make a half-joke that he hoped the place would remain this beautiful so that he and his friends won’t have to go to Boracay anymore.

Here are more photos from netizen Arnel Natnat, originally posted by Jenny Francisco:

Photo credit: Jenny Francisco / Facebook 

Photo credit: Jenny Francisco / Facebook 

She also added a video:

Posted by Jenny Francisco on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Of course, the place remains polluted as the silt has most likely sank to the bottom (just like in Venice!), yet the fact that the place was able to spring back to its natural beauty just a week after no human activity makes netizens believe the virus is doing the Earth a lot of good…

Here’s another video:

Earth is healing!!

Posted by Jory Gacho on Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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Source: John Angue / Facebook