Blogger Tries to Shame Sleeping Hospital Staff, But Doctors Around the World Shared Their Own Photos to Show Solidarity

A blogger went to a hospital in Mexico at 3AM and found one of the staff sleeping while on duty. Angered at this atrocity, the blogger quickly shared photos of the lady and claimed, “Plenty of patients were waiting for help.

Photos credit: Bright Side ME


He wanted to shame the hospital staff but ended up being the one lectured on social media, with people from across the world telling him that hospital workers are among the most hardworking, underpaid workers who even go on double, triple, quadruple, etc. shifts just to ensure that they save people’s lives!

Doctors from around the world also shared their own photos while sleeping on the job in solidarity with the hospital worker. They told the blogger and those who were on his side that they are humans, too, and that they also get tired after laboring for several shifts to save other people’s lives – often at the expense of their own time with their families!

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