Blind 71-Year-Old Woman Sells Bread to Survive, But People Keep Tricking Her

She’s a jolly old lady who sells bread to survive, but Aunt Nid often gets tricked by people who take advantage of the fact that she’s blind and could not see what they are doing.

Every morning, Aunt Nid would wake up early to prepare for the long day ahead. Her family would take her to the bakery where they would buy the bread she would sell at her shop at a sidewalk in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo credit: I AM EAT / Facebook

The bread sells for 50 Baht ($1.64) but she actually just earns just 5 Baht ($0.16) from each piece she sells. Still, money is money, no matter how small; thus, Aunt Nid does not mind the small profit as long as she gets to earn some money to survive.

The jolly blind seller has plenty of customers who love the bread she sells and also patronage the goods, knowing they are helping her earn money to support herself. While some netizens believe it is not good for her family to let her do this, Aunt Nid enjoys the job and loves how it still makes her feel useful even though she’s already 71 years old.

Photo credit: I AM EAT / Facebook

Plus, Aunt Nid enjoys meeting and talking to people – and her job as vendor allows her to do that throughout the day. But the friendly old woman is taken advantage of by individuals who don’t hesitate to take from the hardworking poor folks, even one who is blind!

There are times when people would just take her bread but would not pay her. Others pay her with fake cash. Despite the bad experiences she had with these people on a regular basis, Aunt Nid remains happy with her job and continues to see good in people. After all, most of her customers are honest to her.

Photo credit: I AM EAT / Facebook

When her plight went viral after it was posted on Thai Facebook page, I AM EAT, netizens also came to her shop in Bangkok to offer some help. No matter how bad the world might be, there are still a lot of good people out there – and that’s what Aunt Nid wants us all to see.

Source: I AM EAT / Facebook, World of Buzz