BIR Guard Draws Flak for Refusing Entry to Girl with No Legs Because She’s Not Wearing Pants

Born without legs and feet, Nancy Torrelino Boroc recently went viral after a security guard refused to let her in the BIR building because she was not wearing long pants – even if it was obvious that she could not wear pants because she does not have legs!

In a post on Facebook, Nancy shared how the security guard at BIR Calbayog in Calbayog, Samar refused to let her enter, telling her and her companion that they should be wearing long pants for them to get inside.

The guard even said that even if they wore shoes, they still could not enter the building, based on a newly released memo from the office.

Photo credit: Nancy Torrelino Boroc / Facebook

Even though Nancy pointed out that she’s a PWD and could not wear pants in her condition, the security guard still insisted that she wear one. Since the guard continued to refuse her entry, Nancy and her companion had to go home so she could change. She even had to wear socks on the stump of her knees so they could finally be allowed to get inside the building.

While it can be argued that the security guard was only following directives and could get in trouble if he wouldn’t follow the memo, many netizens pointed out that it was common sense for him to allow Nancy in. There’s a memo that refuses entry to those wearing shorts, yet Nancy should be treated as a special case since she doesn’t have legs.

Nancy clarified that she is sharing her experience to spread awareness and the reality that many PWDs face.

I’m posting this to spread awareness and reality. Reality that exists and happens wherever we may go. Im not posting to rant, but to let people know about our rights. We are PWD and same as normal people, we have rights and privileges and exemptions. Magna carta for pwd in particular, sana po maging aware lahat about our situations and our Rights,” Nancy wrote.

Source: Nancy Torrelino Boroc / Facebook, RachFeed