Biker Shares Embarrassing Moment He Ate at ‘Restaurant’, Only to Discover It’s Someone’s Home

A biker shares the rather embarrassing but also funny moment he ate at a ‘restaurant’, only to later discover that it is actually someone’s home! Oooooops.

Mohd Kharbi was traveling to another city in Malaysia on his bike. He had been biking for hours since dawn. Thus, when he saw what looked like a roadside diner in Kuala Berang where some people were eating, he parked his bike and ordered a meal.

At the time, a man and three children were eating at a table while a woman was serving them. Seeing that delicious food on the other table where the utensils and condiments are placed, Kharbi happily ordered the same meal.

Photo credit: Mohd Kharbi / Facebook

He even ordered nasi dagang (a Malaysian dish consisting of rice steamed in coconut milk, fish curry and extra ingredients like carrots and cucumber) – and the woman got some from the kitchen inside the house.

While eating, the woman also chatted with him for a while. He really enjoyed the meal and was quite happy that he found the roadside diner to have this hearty breakfast.

After cycling for more than 70km I came across this unassuming roadside stall. With my judgement clouded due to hunger, I made a u-turn and stopped at the stall. I saw two girls, a boy and a man enjoying their morning meal,” Kharbi recalled.

There was nasi dagang there and I thought that this meal might the specialty of this stall, so I ordered it. I placed my order and the makcik obligingly began spooning the rice and carried on serving just like how a restaurant would. She even chatted a little with me as I was having my meal.

Photo credit: Mohd Kharbi / Facebook

After having his fill of the delicious food the restaurant was serving, Kharbi asked for the bill. He was embarrassed when the woman just smiled at him and told him the meal is for free because it’s not a restaurant but their home!

I was also shocked at the fact that I ordered nasi dagang at the time and she had some in her kitchen. I thought nothing of it, as nasi dagang is the dish that I would look out for every time I visit Terengganu,” Kharbi added.

The way the kitchen was arranged, with drinking glasses set on the table at the time, spoke to me that this was a bonafide stall. I can only imagine what the people there thought of me when I invited myself into their home and ate their food.

Photo credit: Mohd Kharbi / Facebook

The family also refused to accept this money and happily waved him on to enjoy his trip. They were simply glad that he was full and that he loved their food. Wow.