Best Ninong and Ninang? Couple Gave Newlyweds Over Php100k in Wedding Dance

During weddings, a lot of couples really do look forward to the money dance, also called the ‘prosperity dance’. It is the time when guests pin money on the newlyweds’ clothes as a way of helping them start their new life together and to wish them a life of prosperity together.

In most weddings, the couple probably receive a few thousand pesos during the prosperity dance but a pair of principal sponsors put a whole new meaning to the money dance when they prepared a cape and crown of money for their newlyweds – and eagle-eyed netizens estimate the money in those two is worth over Php100k! Wow.

Photo credit: Mc Kevin / Facebook

Mc Kevin shared photos of the jaw-dropping moment on his Facebook account.

“Yung ninong at ninang na galit na galit talaga sa pasabit!

CRUSH. Tara pili na tayo ng sponsors. 😂




A lot of netizens could not help but feel rather envious of the couple, saying they also wish their ninongs and ninangs were as rich and generous as the couple who gave his much to the newlyweds in the viral post.

The post has since garnered over 32k shares and 10k comments, with most netizens really hoping something like this would happen during their wedding.

It’s easy to see why people are so amazed by the impressive money cape and crown – as this is probably the first time this happened in a wedding! Amazing, right?

Photo credit: Mc Kevin / Facebook

Some netizens are joking that they will try to find the couple and get them as principal sponsors, too. LOL.

Who wants to have a ninong and ninang like this? Raise your hands!

Source: Mc Kevin / Facebook