Best Man Faints at Wedding While Maid of Honor Sings, Video Goes Viral

There is nothing more embarrassing that being the center of attention at an event, only for you to bungle it up or have something rather strange happen. Such is what happened to the best man at a wedding – after he fainted while the maid of honor is singing a song in honor of the couple! Uh-oh.

Tyanna and Denis were getting serenaded by maid of honor Saung with an emotional rendition of Ruelle’s “I Get to Love You” when best man Jestin suddenly fell flat on his face, right in front of the shocked guests.

Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube

Because that was the first time they met, Saung wasn’t sure if Jestin was just playing a prank or was really hurt. But he remained in the same position, everyone was certain something was wrong.

It was lucky that there’s an EMT and fireman among the guests; first aid was given to Jestin and he was taken to the ER.

Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube

But the video that later surfaced of the incident got a lot of netizens laughing because Jestin appeared to have wet his pants after the fall. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the young man refuted this but admitted it does look like the spot proves that he wet his pants.

Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube

It wasn’t, I didn’t pee my pants. It was water because [when] my chin split open, they put water on my neck, so my head was hanging down. So, it totally looks like I peed myself, but it’s okay. I’ll go with it,” he told Jimmy in the live interview.

There were a lot of people who claimed that he must have drunk too much at the previous night’s party, but he explained what really happened.

Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube

No, I wasn’t drunk, I wasn’t hung over. I just didn’t have enough water and [there was] heat and we had a lot of fire so a lot of smoke. And of course, I locked my knees,” Jestin said.

The poor best man chipped his teeth in the accident and had a cut on his chin, but these were thankfully healed and corrected by the time he, the maid of honor, and the newlyweds were interviewed by Jimmy.

Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube

Denis, at any point did you regret picking Jestin to be your best man?” Jimmy jokingly asked the groom.

No, no, I love him. I still do,” Denis replied.

Photo credit: Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube


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