Best Anti-Snatching Guard? Woman Lets Rottweiler Bring Her Bag after Trip to the Bank

These days, there are a lot of people who lurk at corners and busy city streets looking for targets who might have a lot of money in their bags. It is not uncommon to hear stories of people whose bags were snatched by the so-called “riding in tandem” as they come out of the bank or after withdrawing money from the ATM.

But a Malaysian lady has found the best solution to this problem by getting the best anti-snatching guard: a huge Rottweiler! Whoa.

Photo credit: My Watch / Twitter

In the video shared by Twitter page “My Watch”, a dog could be seen getting out of the bank and going down the stairs while carrying a woman’s bag in its mouth. At first, the huge dog appears to have taken someone’s bag from the bank, but the camera pans out to follow the animal as it moved across the street – and the owner of the bag could now be seen on the screen.

The woman in a white or cream dress calmly walks down the street as the dog obediently follows with her bag in its mouth.

Photo credit: My Watch / Twitter

It is unknown how much money this woman had in the bag or if it even had any valuables at all, but what’s for sure is that no one would definitely dare snatch that bag from her huge Rottweiler! With the breed known for being fierce and for having a strong, steady bite, anyone who tries to get that bag would never succeed.

If you want to avoid getting your bag snatched, imitate this woman,” My Watch wrote in the caption.

Photo credit: My Watch / Twitter

Netizens were quite amazed at the woman’s trust on her dog and how obedient it is, especially in public. But others were actually hoping someone had tried snatching the bag from the dog so they would see what would happen next! LOL.

Here’s the impressive clip:

Source: World of Buzz