Because There’s No Signal at Home, Student Attends Online Classes at Grandma’s Tomb

Because there is no signal at home, a student attends her online classes at her grandma’s tomb because the signal is strong at the cemetery. Her plight has gone viral, with many people expressing admiration that she’s doing this at the cemetery while others said this is proof that the Philippines is really not yet ready to do online classes!

A first year college student, Jonica Lou Eugenio needs to attend online classes but could not find a stable internet connection at home. Instead of finding a coworking space or internet café to do her online classes, she chose her grandma’s tomb as she would be away from people.

Photo credit: James Fuentes Eugenio / Facebook

But netizens think it is quite creepy to be staying at the cemetery the entire day! Thankfully, Jonica is not alone. She is often accompanied by her brother, James Fuentes Eugenio, who lives near the cemetery.

The 17-year-old student would wake up at 5:30AM each day to prepare for her online classes. But instead of going to a real school or staying at their house in San Antonio, Nueve Ecija, she has to travel to the cemetery.

Photo credit: James Fuentes Eugenio / Facebook

Wala kasi signal sa kanila. Para maka online class kailangan pa niya pumunta sa himlayan ng lola namen,” explained James.

Nung una medyo natatakot siya pero sa pagtagal nasanay na din. Okay lang naman sakin kasi tabi lang naman ng bahay ko ‘yung sementeryo kaya nasasamahan ko naman siya.

But because the signal is really fast at the cemetery compared to their home, the student learned to adjust. Her mother explained that the young girl is a consistent honor student.

Photo credit: Paula Eugenio / Facebook

Naiinggit nga raw po siya sa mga kaklase niya dahil sila nasa bahay lang, kahit 7:30 pa gumising ayos lang, pero siya po, napupuyat sa mga school works tapos maaga pa pong gigising,” said Jonica’s mother, Paula Eugenio.