Because Delivery is Late, Customer Cancels Order and Throws Food at Rider

A heartless customer has gone viral after canceling the order and throwing food at the rider because the delivery is late! Identified as a certain Mary Paras in Cebu City, the said customer earned netizens’ anger for the heartless actions, though she later claimed that the order was a mistake…

In the post that had gone viral on Pilipinas Trending Viral, a concerned passerby explained that they took pity on the rider who was only doing his job yet had lost his money to the heartless customer.

Photo credit: Pilipinas Trending Viral / Facebook

According to the person who shared the pictures, the FoodPanda rider was disheartened upon arriving at the residence, only for the customer to cancel the order because he was late. The rider reportedly tried to beg for Mary to pay the Chowking order worth Php800+ but the customer got angry. Instead of paying up, the customer reportedly threw the food at the rider! Tsk. Tsk.

Dismayed over what they witnessed, the concerned passersby shared the photos as they took pity on the rider. Quite expectedly, netizens got angry on the customer and wished her bad karma on what she did to the rider who is just doing his job.

Photo credit: Pilipinas Trending Viral / Facebook

Due to the backlash she received on the internet, Mary would later issue a public apology and explained her side.

In Bisaya, she wrote the following statement:

“Good evening sa lahat na nagcomment sa Food Panda. Hindi ko po intension na manloko ng tao higit na sa panahon ito. Magcocomment nalang din po ako kasi nasasaktan na din ako sa mga sinasabi ng mga tao.

Kaya po eh explain ko po yung nangyari noong una nag-order ako pero nagloloading po at matagal yung net at data sa app. Hindi ko po namalayan na naorder na pala iyon at nadalawa na pala yung order ko. Noong dumating ang inorder po namin may tumawag ulit di ko nalang pinansin dahil dumating na yung order.

Kung may mali po ako nanghihingi po ako ng pasensya sa rider, kinontak ko na po siya at handa po akong magbayad sa kanyang pinang abono at nagpapasalamat din po ako sa nagpost po nito para mabigyang linaw ang lahat.”

Photo credit: Pilipinas Trending Viral / Facebook

But many netizens think she’s still wrong for throwing the food at the rider! It does not matter whether the order was made in error due to internet issues, because netizens believe that what she did to the rider is unfair and inhumane…