Beautiful Rainbow Clouds Over COVID-Hit Cebu Go Viral, Sign that Better Days are Coming?

Cebu ranks second, next to the National Capital Region (NCR), in terms of having the highest number COVID-19 cases in the Philippines. But with photos of beautiful rainbow clouds over Cebu going viral, some netizens think that this is a sign that better days are coming! Do you also believe that?

It’s raining colors over SM Seaside Cebu! 🌈 Dugaya mogawas sa Unicorn uie 😂” wrote Julian Dashmari as he shared photos of the rainbow clouds.

Photo credit: Julian Dashmari / Facebook

He jokes that the unicorns are taking a rather long time to come out from the clouds, referring to lore that the magical creatures make rainbows. Of course, that’s just something you will find in fantasy movies and animated TV shows. But netizens had fun laughing over the unicorn remark.

But others saw a message of hope and love in the rainbow colors in these cumulonimbus clouds that are supposed to bring rain to the city. Indeed, it had just finished raining when Dashmari captured the picture at 6:21 AM on May 31, 2020.

Photo credit: Julian Dashmari / Facebook

With the mall featured in the pictures and mentioned in Dashmari’s post, the Facebook page of SM Seaside City Cebu (Official) was quick to repost the admirable photos.

There’s always a promise of sunshine after the rain. 🌈 Stay safe, Cebu!” the page wrote as they shared some of Dashmari’s pictures.

Netizens agreed. Indeed, Cebu might have the second highest number of cases in the country but the mortality rate is low – and the positive cases are seeing a decline in the past days. Many are hoping that this trend will continue and that soon, very soon, there would be no more new cases of COVID-19…

Photo credit: Julian Dashmari / Facebook

What do you think of these rainbow clouds? Definitely gorgeous!