BBC Host Goes Viral for Cooking Unwashed Rice, Rinsing It AFTER Boiling

Rice is a staple food in most countries in Asia. Most meals consist of rice – and many would not really fell completely full if they don’t eat rice during a meal. You can have a lot of viand and other stuff on the table but without rice, it just doesn’t feel enough for many Asians.

Rice is really such an important part of any meal that most Asians know how to cook rice even as kids! There are also many different types of rice meals, including egg fried rice and various types of porridge.

Photo credit: BBC Food

But Asians were quite shocked after a BBC host cooked unwashed rice, then proceeded to rinse it after boiling! Many believe that the ‘easy tutorial’ video actually accomplishes nothing but simply shows that she, an award-winning host at that, does not know how to properly cook rice! Tsk. Tsk.

Hersha Patel posted the tutorial video last April 2019, but it would go viral recently after several Asians reacted. In the video, the BBC host is trying to teach people how to cook egg fried rice the easy way.

Photo credit: BBC Food

Photo credit: BBC Food

To cook the rice, however, she simply pours the unwashed rice into the pot and added some water which she measured using the cup. She let the rice cook but soon after boiling, she removed the pot and poured the contents unto a colander.

Asians would quickly recognize that the rice isn’t cooked properly at this point, but Hersha confidently told her viewers to rinse the rice to remove the starchy taste. But many pointed out that this method is used when cooking pasta, not rice!

Photo credit: BBC Food

Had this been cooked by a ‘proper Asian’, the rice would have been allowed to simmer until the liquid is gone. Then, you still had to let the rice cook for a few minutes before turning the fire off!

Photo credit: BBC Food

Photo credit: BBC Food

But Hersha’s version of the boiled rice still looks raw and hard! Check out her video here:

Hersha's egg-fried rice

When all you can think about is Chinese takeaway, watch this video and you'll be making your own egg-fried rice before you know it!

Posted by BBC Food on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

There are so many Asians who got rather angry at the ‘tutorial’, saying that the show should have hired a real Asian chef to recreate an Asian food. But it turns out that Hersha is actually from India – that makes her Asian! Hmmmm.

Anyway, a lot of people expressed dismay over the tutorial but her method was laughed at by UK-based Malaysian vlogger and stand-up comedian Nigel Ng. Vlogging under the pseudonym ‘Uncle Roger’, he mocked her tutorial – and his video would soon go viral!

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