“Bata Lang Sasakay sa Iyo, Hindi Person”: Guy Hits Grab Driver, Damages Car Over 4-Person Rule

A Grab driver who asked his passengers to get off because they exceeded Grab’s 4-person rule was hit by one of the passenger’s cousins. His vehicle also got damaged by the angry guy who insisted he knows the rules because he is also a Grab driver.

The incident happened at around 6:50 AM on Monday, September 9, at Barangay Del Monte, Quezon City, according to Grab Philippines.

Reynaldo Tugade, the 47-year-old driver involved in the altercation, could be seen calmly explaining to the angry young man that Grab has a 4-person or 4-passenger rule for sedans. Passengers who exceed the limit could always get the 6-seater option; though this comes at a slightly higher rate.

Four people were said to be involved in damaging his vehicle and hitting the driver. The angry guy and the girl in white have since been apprehended, but the two others are still at large.

The Grab driver took the video while he tried his best to explain why he is not letting these passengers ride. But the angry guy keeps insisting that the child passenger is “not a person” because he is just a child.

The guy in white was also furious that the Grab driver was taking the video.

Security ko ito, anak. Wala kang karapantang manakit,” the Grab driver could be heard telling the young man.

In case of an accident, Grab will only cover the driver and four passengers – the fifth one, no matter what age or size, will not be covered. Thus, for the security of the driver and his passengers, Tatay Reynaldo insisted that he won’t let this group ride.

Following the viral incident, Grab issued a statement to clarify the rule.

Following the safety standards of car manufacturers having a maximum capacity of 5 passengers for cars including the driver, Grab Cars can only accommodate up to 4 passengers. Children, regardless of age, shall be counted as one passenger.

We wish to reiterate to our Grab community to be mindful and respectful of our standard policies, and to observe responsible use of the Grab platform to ensure safety and security to each and every one.

Grab also explained that, as Tatay Reynaldo so patiently explained to his angry passengers, the mandated insurance policy and Grab’s third-party insurer “only covers the allowable number of passengers in a car” in case of accidents.

Netizens are now calling for all those involved in the row to be locked up so justice could be served for Tatay Reynaldo.

Here’s the video of the incident:

Posted by Jefferson Catalan on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sources: ABS-CBN News, Jefferson Catalan / Facebook