Barbie Imperial Experiences Wardrobe ‘Malfunction’ in Boracay

The summer season has finally arrived!

It’s that time of the year again when beaches are crowded with people. Even our local celebrities are getting their dose of “vitamin sea,” and one of them is Barbie Imperial.

Earlier this week, the Kapamilya actress took a quick break from work to relax in the white beaches of Boracay. And of course, her summer vacation will not be complete without a few Instagram-worthy shots.

Undoubtedly, the young actress has a knack for fashion. Barbie knows just what to wear to bring out her best assets! In this case, she has packed her best outfits for summer.

Image via Instagram / Barbie Imperial

For her Boracay vacation, the 20-year-old actress prepared several ‘outfits-of-the-day.’

On Instagram, she was spotted wearing a tropical-themed romper, navy blue bikini, and a white see-through cover-up. And even while relaxing, her fierce face is still spot on!

However, prepared as she might be, Barbie still encountered wardrobe malfunction during her Boracay getaway. Apparently, some of the undergarments she brought were too loose for the petite actress.

Image via Instagram / Barbie Imperial

If you think a little wardrobe malfunction will dampen Barbie’s summer spirit, then think again.

Instead of letting it rain on her parade, Barbie thought of a way to fix the situation. On Instagram, she shared how she managed to fix her clothes:

“Pag hindi kasya ang bra, itali mo. Pag maluwag ang shorts, tahiin.”

Because of this, many people were impressed with the creativity of the actress! As expected, her Boracay photos immediately went viral.

As of writing, one of her shots has already garnered more than 247,000 likes on Instagram alone.

Image via Instagram / Barbie Imperial

Barbie’s photo also elicited praises from other celebrities like her half-sister Chiena Filomeno, Joj Agpangan, Sarah Lahbati, Elise Joson, and many more.

SOURCES: Instagram | Inquirer