Barber Goes Viral for Using Angle Grinder to Cut Hair, Netizens Wouldn’t Dare Try It

A barber recently went viral for using an angle grinder to cut his customers’ hair! But netizens said that they would not dare try it because the power tool could actually cut their ears off! Worse, it could actually lead to cuts on their skull. Now, that’s rather scary, huh?

On Facebook page Rant, the still unnamed barber could be seen using the angle grinder to cut the hair of a rather brave customer. Some clumps of hair could be seen on the customer’s shoulders, though it remains unclear whether the barber was just posing with the angle grinder in reality or if he was actually using the power tool on that guy.

Many netizens commented that they would not dare try this method of cutting hair, no matter how unique it might be. After all, the angle grinder could easily cut through steel and concrete – surely, it could also cut through the bones on your skull, not just your hair!

Photo credit: Rant / Facebook

One false move could be rather dangerous for the customer. But some netizens think there are still customers who would be willing to try it for the adrenaline rush. Plus, this does gives you bragging rights as a brave person who got his hair cut with an angle grinder!

While we’re willing to take a pose with the angle grinder, many of us won’t be willing to do so if it is plugged in! No, thanks. LOL. But would you dare try this crazy method of getting your hair cut?