14 People Caught In Awkward Mid-Selfies That Are So Embarrassing They Won’t Be Forgotten

Taking a selfie is just a ‘normal’ thing to do. At least in this generation. It doesn’t matter where: inside a fancy place, in the bedroom, or even inside a public toilet, these kids just stick their phones out, pout their lips, and snap. Voila! A new selfie for all social media to see.

But even if these kids have mastered the art of taking selfies, there are moments when they get caught up in an awkward mid-selfie situation that makes it so embarrassing they might avoid taking selfies for a long time. Or just maybe.

Photo Credit: Twitter | Jaredxkid
Photo Credit: Twitter | Jaredxkid

Uhm excuse me kids, is this the restroom?

Here are 14 kids who probably took their most embarrassing selfie shots in front of other people. Or maybe, it was the other way around. (H/T: BuzzFeed)
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