These 14 Awkward Kids’ Drawings Are Definitely Not Going To Get Displayed At Home

As parents, we always adore our children’s work. Be it a simple name or number writing, picture coloring , or artworks. We are so proud that sometimes, we even frame their woks of art, hang them on our walls, place it on fridge magnets, to admire their artistry. But as  much as we’d like to be proud to all of our kids’ masterpieces, there are some which even us, parents, would abhor to see, let alone other people. A male-organ-looking-mushroom-filled-garden complete with butterflies drawing, or a love-making unicorn: who’d like to hang that in the living room?

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I bet it’s just a horse gone wild.

Hare are 14 awkward kids’ drawings that are definitely not going to get displayed at home.
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