Authorities Remove 17,700 Hand Sanitizers from Guy’s Home, Give Everything to Charity

He probably thought he would gain sympathy from the public when he shared the story on the New York Times about how the bought 17,000 plus hand sanitizers but got busted by Amazon and eBay. But Matt Colvin angered netizens with his story – and the authorities would soon remove everything from his home!

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A lot of people just could not believe that Matt and his brother Noah Colvin could ever think of profiting over the pandemic, particularly because there are so many people who truly need alcohols and hand sanitizers for so many other medical reasons.

Photo credit: Doug Strickland / The New York Times – Yahoo! News

As the story went truly viral, circulating all over America and across the world, it would quickly reach the state Attorney General’s Office. Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery did not waste time in tracking down where Matt lives in the town of Hixson in Tennessee.

They went to Matt’s house. The boxes of hand sanitizers were packed up, removed from his home, and donated to various charities all over Tennessee and especially in Kentucky where he and his brother got most of the hoard. Part of his stash were also given to first responders and hospitals.

This is a time where we have to focus on helping our neighbors, not profiting from them. We’re not going to tolerate selfish actions that put the health of Kentuckians at risk, and I’m grateful for Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery’s partnership in bringing an end to this harmful scheme,” said Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Photo credit: Twitter / @minhtngo

But while Matt was forced to donate the stash, he is not yet off the hook. The Attorney General’s Office announced that they will still file a case against him for the selfish act.

Here’s a video of the authorities taking Matt’s hoard:

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