Australians Also Claim Victory for Catriona Gray’s Win, Paper Changes ‘Philippines’ to ‘Queensland’

Catriona Gray represented the Philippines in the Miss Universe, winning the title for the country early this week but Australians are also now claiming victory, with a paper even erasing ‘Philippines’ from her title and replacing it with ‘Queensland’! Whoa!

Have they gone too far?

Photo credit: Twitter / @couriermail

Catriona has never denied her Australian heritage. Her family name is obviously not Filipino.

Photo credit: Facebook / Miss Universe

The 24-year-old beauty queen was born and raised in Cairns, Queensland in Australia. She even graduated from Cairns’ Trinity Anglican School before moving to Manila, Philippines in 2011.

But though the young lady certainly has Australian blood, was born in Australia, and had spent most of her life in Australia, she is also quite proud of her Filipino heritage. In fact, she won Little Miss Philippines in Sydney back in 1999 when she was still 5 years old!

A lot of netizens would later point out that though Catriona might be ‘more Australian’ than being Filipino, considering she was born and raised in Cairns, she chose to represent the Philippines in the international pageant. This is something that should be taken into consideration, Filipinos told those who believe Australia should also get some credit for Catriona’s Miss Universe win.

Cairns Mayor Bob Manning plans to hold a victory party and mayoral reception for Catriona if she visits the city again.

This is yet another wonderful Cairns success story. We’re all incredibly proud of Catriona; she’ll always be a Cairns girl at heart and we support her all the way,” the mayor declared.

On Facebook posts announcing Catriona’s achievement as Miss Universe, many Australians commented that the beauty queen should have also recognized Australia as her country of origin. This got people wondering how her title would be – “Miss Universe Philippines and Australia”, perhaps?

Photo credit: Facebook / Miss Universe

But Brisbane-based tabloid The Courier-Mail had a more aggressive take on the matter, changing ‘Philippines’ to ‘Queensland’ in its headline to a news article announcing Catriona’s victory!

This angered a lot of Filipinos who believe Catriona had every right to retain her ‘Miss Universe Philippines’ title because she did not represent Australia to the pageant.

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